Alarms & Monitoring

Protecting your business and home has never been more affordable. With a properly maintained and monitored security system, you are providing the best chance against Loss Of Possessions and protection of your business and family.

Having your premises continuously monitored by our 24-hour grade A1 monitoring centre ensures that someone will be notified in case your alarm system activates.

Continuous back-to-base monitoring is a key feature of any TMP monitored security alarm system. A “monitored line” is an alarm system at a client’s premises that, upon activation, a dialler built into the control panel uses the telephone line to send a digital message to our central monitoring station. The control panel will transmit digital information to the central station receiver describing the premises location and the area that has triggered the alarm.

Information is then displayed on a computer terminal showing the name and address of the premises and the actions required to respond to the event in accordance with the client’s instructions and “HELP IS ON THE WAY”

  • Alarm Monitoring (24 Hours)
  • Alarm Response (24 Hours)
  • Installation & Service
  • Industrial & Retail
  • Domestic

Alarm Products

Control Room

The control room serves as our central communications, through which all our security personnel are directed and monitored. We are a 24hr operation, a duty manager is on call at all times and supervisors are on the road each night, each of which has had extensive training in the field. The Supervisors responsibilities are to monitor employee’s performance in the following areas:

  • Discipline.
  • Adherence to standing operating procedure.
  • Punctuality.
  • Dress Code.
  • Incident reporting.
  • Adherence to client’s objectives.