Covert Loss Protection

The primary responsibility of a TMP covert operative is to detect and apprehend shoplifters within the guidelines provided by the client and the law. All covert operatives are instructed to conduct themselves without compromising the client’s corporate culture or shopping environment. Offenders detected by our covert operatives, will either be prevented or handed over to the police for prosecution, along with all relevant paperwork as required.

TMP covert operatives are highly trained in this specific area of crime prevention in comparison to staff that may make a false arrest (which can be very costly) or even be hurt if the apprehension is violent. We are devoted to provide a professional security service, based on quality and ethics, our aim will be to give you the friendly and efficient service you have every right to expect.

It is critically important to put in place measurements to capture results that support the return on investment. Total Management Protection provides detailed incident-related statistics on such key performance indicators as Apprehensions, Merchandise Recovery, Incidents, Hours per incident and Dollars recovered are collected and reported weekly.

TMP security will provide professional and well-trained Covert loss prevention operatives to your organization. All operatives used in our covert operations are required to attend additional training courses for the purpose of specializing in Loss Prevention within the retail sector.

The key to our approach is working closely with our clients to ensure we meet their needs, whether a large or small business.